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At Harrison & Smyth, P.A. we know you come to us because, in the end, you want long-term resolutions for your legal concerns. Based on this knowledge, we believe you would prefer to pay more up front for solutions that truly resolve your issues long-term rather than to pay more money over time for short-term fixes that only address symptoms instead of root causes. Additionally, while you are willing to pay a reasonable fee for quality work, we recognize you do not want to pay for unnecessary work.

This is why, at Harrison & Smyth, we are committed to taking the time to listen to you and understand all of your questions and concerns. We also believe it is important to take the time to thoroughly assess all relevant legal options available. We do this, in part, by drawing upon our expertise and, when necessary, by researching unfamiliar issues.

A number of your issues may require expertise beyond the legal realm. When these situations arise, we seek to consult and collaborate with professionals from other disciplines. Also, when appropriate, we may seek to consult with your family, friends, or ecclesiastical leaders.

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