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What Does Business Law Actually Entail In Idaho?

Business law entails determining the structure of your business; whether you want a sole proprietorship, partnership, an LLC, an S corporation, a C corporation, or other entity. Business owners must consider handbooks, authority, and agency for their employees, as well as internal business policies. It also entails drafting and reviewing various contracts, whether locally or internationally.

What Are The Most Common Type Of Business Law Cases That Your Firm Handles?

Usually we deal with setting up businesses, as well as contracts within the business or with suppliers.

What Are The Most Common Business Conflicts Your Firm Helps Clients With?

We typically deal with contract disputes or payment disputes.

Who Are Your Clients? Do You Work With Both Small And Large Businesses?

We live in a smaller community, so most of our clients are small businesses, just getting started or are established businesses that need a little more help with their contracts and such.

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