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What Should A Person Do In Preparation For A Divorce Or A Separation?

As you are considering a divorce or a separation, you really need to look at what is causing the divorce. We encourage you to talk with your spouse, family, and friends to determine if there is any counseling or any other avenues you can do to address issues which may exist in your marriage. Often these issues do not go away after a divorce and in some cases can increase as feelings of distrust and anger can increase. If you are experiencing any sexual, physical, emotional or other abuse in your marriage, you need to contact someone (a good friend or potentially law enforcement if needed) to address this.

If it appears the marriage is headed for a divorce or separation, you should ensure you are spending as much time with your children as you can, especially minor children. This will help to ensure you are being sensitive to their feelings during this difficult time. In addition, you should gather documentation of bank accounts, stocks, retirement accounts, and other financial matters which are held jointly with your spouse, as well as separately by each of you. You should ensure you have documents showing the title to any real property or business property owned jointly or separately. You should ensure you understand the status of your assets.

How Do You Define A Successful Outcome In A Divorce Case?

Often when people come in for a divorce, there is anger, hatred, distrust, and bitterness. A successful outcome in a divorce case occurs when the parties learn to identify the real cause of their problems which led them to our office and they begin to work to address them. Whether they can work it out so their marriage is saved, or whether they identify the real issues, the cause of their individual and joint problems, and begin to work on them, we define this as a successful outcome. This approach helps both parties learn skills needed to communicate with their former spouse, especially if they have children. Communication and listening are essential when there is a lot of emotion, distrust, and hurtful feelings that come with a divorce. These skills will help parties solve many problems without having to involve the legal system in the future.

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