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Why Should People Hire A Divorce Attorney As Opposed To Handling It Themselves?

When a couple is seeking divorce, there are almost always trust issues in that they no longer trust each other. The consequence of this is that the motives and intentions of one party are often called into question by the other party. This results in the couple struggling to communicate with each another, which oftentimes leads to more fighting, bickering and deeper problems. Another thing for people to keep in mind is that divorce is a very emotional experience for everybody. When these high emotions are coupled with a lack of trust, it becomes extremely difficult for divorcing couples to avoid making their already difficult problems even worse. As attorneys, we are able to effectively advocate the cause of our clients precisely because we are not experiencing high emotions or trust issues. But it goes further than this. Because we understand the law, we know what our clients can reasonably expect to achieve which helps them to be more realistic. But it goes further than this. When going through something as difficult as a divorce, it is reassuring to know that you have a professional standing at your side, fighting for you, offering support, and providing the necessary experience and skills to help you get through this.

The most common reasons to hire a divorce attorney are because the other spouse hires an attorney, the ex is not being reasonable, or you are worried about custody issues or abuse, but again, one of the biggest reasons is because attorneys have been trained in how the legal system works. They understand the law and the procedural court rules and how all of that governs each case. Whether people like it or not, we are part of a legal system that has been developed over centuries and are bound by its laws and rules.

While we definitely encourage our clients to learn about the legal system and gain as much knowledge as they can, that is often difficult to do right in the middle of a divorce. Oftentimes, when people do not involve attorneys (or only minimally involve them) there are unforeseen mistakes made because of inexperience and lack of knowledge. Very often these mistakes result in hiring an attorney to go back and fix them and can cost more than if they would have hired an attorney in the first place. That is a very big reason why you would want to hire a divorce attorney. Even if you do not want to hire an attorney, just being able to spend some money consulting with one is more beneficial than just going out on your own.

Why Should A Couple Hire Separate Divorce Attorneys?

Some divorcing couples are better able to work through their issues and can hire one attorney to help them both finalize a divorce. There are many situations where having separate attorneys is probably more beneficial. This is particularly true if your significant other makes it their mission in life is to make your life miserable and is not concerned with being fair. This is definitely a circumstance when you would want to hire an attorney. Another circumstance to hire your own attorney would be when there is an imbalance of power. In other words, if your significant other has already hired an attorney, that’s the time when you should hire one too. If your significant other is abusive, regardless of the type of abuse that is also the time you would want to hire an attorney. Another situation is where your significant other will make all kinds of promises and suddenly become really nice, but in reality, they are just maneuvering so they can take advantage of you. If you then get a sense this is what is going on, then you should consider hiring an attorney.

One of the other advantages of hiring a separate attorney is that most people do not have much experience with the legal system and they don’t know what they don’t know. They don’t know when they should concede or what a court or a judge is likely to do. They don’t necessarily understand how the law applies to their circumstances. Having somebody at your side, who has experience and has gone through this on a regular basis, certainly is beneficial if you have specific outcomes that you are trying to achieve.

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