Harrison & Smyth, P.A.

Our Philosophy

Because we are committed to helping you find the best long-term and cost effective solutions to your legal issues, we have identified those principles that will govern our actions. These are principles that we hope you will embrace as you work with us.

They are as follows:

  • Listening: We carefully listen to clients, other professionals, and even our adversaries. We do this so that they know that we genuinely understand their concerns before trying to address them. This fosters an environment where our concerns are more likely to be listened to and understood and where a meeting of the minds is more likely to occur.
  • Long-term solutions: We believe in long-term solutions rather than band-aid fixes. Problems cannot truly be solved by taking short cuts or seeking the most convenient path. Truly resolving an issue requires a commitment to doing the right thing even when it is inconvenient. It also requires a positive attitude that seeks win/win solutions. True long-term solutions are more likely to emerge when all involved parties work to find ways to resolve issues rather than automatically turning to the court system. We do, however, recognize that sometimes the best option is to turn to the court system and litigate an issue.
  • Collaboration: We seek to foster a collaborative spirit with those involved in a given case. Though we work to be experts in the areas of law we focus on, we have limitations. We also recognize that better long-term solutions emerge when we counsel together with those who are or who should be involved in a case. This means that we often counsel with accountants, counselors, financial planners, other attorneys, doctors, etc. Depending on the situation, we may also choose to counsel with family members, friends, and ecclesiastical leaders.
  • Integrity: We strive to be full of integrity in all that we do. We will not lie for our clients or to opposing parties under any circumstances. Equally important, we will not lie to our clients or mislead them. When we provide legal counsel, it is always with an eye towards what is in the long-term best interest of our clients, even when such counsel may not be in our best interest. No attorney is perfect and sometimes we make mistakes. When we do, we own up to those mistakes and work to make them right.
  • Civility: We are careful to always speak and act with civility. Rudeness and crudeness generally make matters worse. At the very least, they create an awkwardness that stifles good will and collaboration. At worst, they alienate those we are trying to work with. A thoughtless or unkind word can be the difference between resolving an issue or having to litigate it. Though we understand that certain situations generate strong emotions in people we work with, we choose to remain calm and civil regardless of how anyone else may feel. Our office will not continue to represent a client who is determined to be uncivil – whether towards an opposing party or towards members of this office.

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