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Planning for financial security begins with an estate plan that addresses both the expected and the unexpected. How you protect certain assets, set aside real property, plan for the distribution of your estate, and provide for the continuity of your business can have a significant impact on the remainder of your life and on the lives of the people you care most about.

We help clients create estate plans that reduce uncertainty. We can’t predict your future, but we can help you plan for it.

  • Will and trust documents allow you to provide support, care, and protection for children and loved ones after your death, and they allow you to provide for the administration of your estate according to your desires.
  • Should you become incapacitated and unable to make decisions for yourself, a health care directive and a power of attorney can ensure the right financial and ‘end-of-life’ decisions are made on your behalf.
  • Business continuity plans give you the opportunity to outline the succession of ownership of your business before it is too late.
  • Specialized trusts as well as conservator/guardian appointments can be used to provide proper care for loved ones who are facing incapacitating illnesses, advancing age, disabilities, or other special needs.
  • If you have lost a loved one, our estate and trust administration attorneys will be sensitive to your personal and legal needs as we handle the final affairs of your loved one’s estate. Our team understands the complexities of Idaho probate laws, estate taxes, and other issues that often arise during estate and trust administration.

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All of our estate planning products are designed to help protect your property and your loved ones. We also have an efficient system to assist them throughout the administration of your estate after you have passed on.



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