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We know the term “probate” has a bad reputation. For years the probate process was demonized as an onerous burden cast upon the heirs of the deceased. Today in Idaho, the probate process has been greatly simplified. Our system is designed to make the entire process as hassle free as possible.

In a general sense, the term probate refers to the legal process by which your estate is administered after you pass away. It provides an orderly structure for the transfer your estate to your heirs and beneficiaries.

If you have a valid will your estate will be administered and distributed according to the terms of the will.

If you die without a will, the laws of Idaho will specify the administration and distribution of your estate. Also, if your will does not cover all of your estate, the intestacy laws of Idaho will apply to those assets omitted from the will.

The probate process essentially consists of paying debts and transferring assets. In doing so, the following procedures typically occur under the supervision of the court:

  • Appointing a personal representative
  • Notifying heirs, creditors, and the public of your passing
  • Inventorying your property
  • Distributing your estate to creditors and beneficiaries

Proper handling of the probate process is essential to protect the personal representative against subsequent claims and liability.



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